Baby La Babies Bubbles

Spa Lé La

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Baby La Babies Bubbles

Luxuriously soft foaming cleanser for Shampoo, Body and Bath. Ultra sensitive and pure for babies. Great for adults too.

Triple algae complex - These 3 extracts have proven anti-inflammatory properties gentle enough for baby's sensitive skin.  This is due to the presence of polysaccharides that are moisturizing as well as soothing.

Botanical Butters of Shea & Coconut - Shea butter has been traditionally used in West Africa to treat the skins of newborn infants.  The nuts are boiled and the butter scooped up and used neat on baby's skins after cooling.

Arnica & Calendula - These oils are established as calming oils to reduce skin redness.  As an added safety measure, no solvents or chemicals are used and Calendula has antiseptic properties

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